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26, East Malaysia. Full-time freelance artist and designer since 2015, and has an embarrassingly obvious bias over Xemnas Kingdom Hearts. I talk a lot about video games and other fandoms, and any social issues that I care about, whether within the context of fandom or not. I main Bastion on Overwatch!

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Please do not redistribute, edit or make profit off my work without my permission.I do not communicate with, do business with or follow bigoted people, TERFs, aphobes and/or anti-self dx folks. Anyone found to fit in any of such criteria will be blocked.If you are below 18 years old, reconsider following me. I may post a lot of NSFW content and/or talk about issues that may be triggering to some. If you are the type of person who enjoys ridiculing feminism, mental health issues or LGBT+ issues, I will block you. I don't want you anywhere in my spaces. I have an especially low tolerance on this kind of bullshit.I use "queer" in place of LGBT a lot. Again, if this is something you cannot accept, reconsider following me. I do, however, tag as "slur tw" in case.I try to tag trigger warnings as much as possible!